Welcome to Setsu's Blog! January 11, 2017 11:11

Hello everyone! Thank you very much for visiting here. It is Setsu. I am living in NYC and I am a so-called psychic. 

Thankfully we heard the voices of the request, from people who know I used to write blog, to reopens my blog. Well, this is the new start for us with renewal homepage✨  (Big thanks to Tsuyoshi, a.k.a. titi!) and it is the first time for me to write in the site of the company of my own. Aaaaaand it is on the day of the anniversary of our company ONENESS IN LOVE INC. too! Deeply impressive and exciting!💖

My company was established on January 11, 2011. Ms. M, my client, was so kind that various documents were completed by her with full-scale cooperation to make it happen. I'd like to once again express my sincere gratitude to her. I did not think even in my dream at that time that my psychic ability would be needed by this many people, and receive a lot of love from so many people all over the world. Now, our company has made the sixth year and my ability has became my gift and destiny. Thanks to all who have been there for me, had my sessions, and special thanks to my staff.

Without any ambition, hope and plan, I used to live my life for a long time. Always haphazard. It became slightly uneasy and I had (maybe still have) fear that I might become a homeless someday. I did not have any desire, like I want to buy a house, want to travel various places or want to be famous, etc. To get married and to have my own children, especially my doctor told me when I was a high school girl that I would not be able to have any children because of my serious anemia, I believed they would never happen to me since I was very young. I did, however, got married, even had two beautiful children to my surprise! (oh I divorced and remarried too. Oh Gosh...). To have met these children made me begin to take good and hopeful care of my/their/our life even a little by little .

I was born as a so-called psychic, even in many of my past lives I was a psychic and worked for people in different occasion. Experiencing things as a psychic was not nice, did not make me happy at all since I was a child. I used to pray that such power would disappear. But God leads me patiently and Angels support me with full of love for this mission. It finally made me feel and pray, "God, please use me and lead me to be helpful for many people to be awake, brave enough, positive enough and happy to walk ahead in their lives with smile."

I will share the past & present small/big events, mysterious events, various scenes with my own words here. And it would be nice if someone would laugh, smile, charged his/her energy. From now on, everyone, let's meet here with Love.   

The sun does not shine for a few trees and flowers, but for the wide world's joy, including yours.  (by Henry Ward Beecher)

with Love,  


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初めまして💖 の方々、お久しぶりです🌟 の方々、皆様、こちらにお越しくださってありがとうございます!Setsu (節)です。

ありがたいことにたくさんの方々のご要望もあり、ブログを再開、私たちの会社でのブログとしてははじめて開始することとなりました。それも、私たちの会社ONENESS IN LOVE INC.のアニバーサリーの日にです。ちょっと感慨深いですね。ぴかぴかの新ホームページ✨(つよし君 a.k.a. titiさん、ご尽力ありがとう!!)と共に皆さまにご挨拶とあいなりました。


その頃、なんの大志もなく、必要になって仕方なく会社を作った私が、6年目の今、こんなふうに皆さんに愛していただいて、たーくさんの方々にお会いしてお役に立たせていただく機会をいただく生活をするなんて、夢にも思いませんでした。私は、昔から計画というものを練ったことが一度もありません。いつもいきあたりばったりです。こんなふうにしていったら、いつかホームレスになってしまうのではないか、と本気でちょっと不安になったりしていました。家を買いたいとか、どこどこに行ってみたいとか、どんなふうになっていたいとか、全くと言っていいほど考えません。小さい頃から絶対する気が無かった結婚を流れに押されるがままにし (あ、そして離婚もし、なんと再婚までしてしまうという。。。)私が母親になるなんてありえないのと、極度の貧血で出産は無理と高校生の時にお医者さんに宣言されたのもあり絶対つくらないと信じていた子供をふたりも授かり、この子たちに出会って、少しだけ人生をだいじにしだしました。



The sun does not shine for a few trees and flowers, but for the wide world's joy, including yours.  (by Henry Ward Beecher)