ONENESS PRICE DAY/ ワンネスプライスデー September 8, 2018 10:05

( *Japanese follows after English)



Hello everyone, how have you been?

First of all, I am deeply sad about the earthquake in Hokkaido, Japan on Sep 6th.  We are sending our prayers to all the victims and their family.


Well, today, I would like to talk about our special session; ONENESS PRICE DAY Session. We just put our notice out for the next one; Saturday, September 15th and it is going to be Vol.5! 👏👏🙏🙏✨

Please read the below is the explanation of ONENESS PRICE DAY and my message from our notice:



ONENESS PRICE DAY was created by Setsu, a leading spiritual psychic advisor and the founder of ONENESS IN LOVE INC. having a strong desire to reach out and be a help with her psychic abilities to as many people in different circumstances. She provides her highly acclaimed reading session for 20 min per person with the price of “pay the desired amount”; the client can decide the amount of the session price. After the first launch with an overwhelming response in May 2018, this special event has been taking place regularly in-person, via Skype or FaceTime session. A Client can choose either a spiritual reading session or an energy cleansing session.

The booking confirmation process is through a random drawing.
Please submit your request by the deadline to enter the drawing.

Setsu connects to God, the universe, angels, deceased and present spirits, your own soul, your past lives, etc. to receive reading messages, which can be significant advices related to the current and/or future situations. The messages could be a helpful spiritual guidance in every aspect of life.

Setsu's reading session is a question basis. Clients can ask questions about relationships in love, in the family, and in any business, relocation/property consulting, financial or life decision-making, health concerns, pets, deceased ones, one's past life, the meaning of a dream, life purpose, etc.

In an energy cleansing session, Setsu will adjust your energy and deliver messages from your body, heart, and soul. *Energy cleansing session is NOT a medical treatment.

By reaching deep down to one's soul, Setsu's spiritual readings are truly life-changing and transformational.

For more information about her various sessions, please visit

Message from Setsu


"Love, kindness, awakening, hope, happiness, money, joy, excitement, gratitude, growth, everything is related. As we are all connected with each other, these connection travel and the world changes as a result. This is called ONENESS. Give and take is at its best when there is a mutual understanding, satisfactory, love and gratitude for both who provides and receives without strain. It has been the longest dream of mine to reach out to as many people of various ages and of any circumstances to help connect with the universe to receive the true messages and be hopeful and happier. This is one of the ways to make my dream come true and it's very exciting. For both the first-timers and repeat clients I am honored to present ONENESS PRICE DAY and it would be a great pleasure if I can be of any help. From the bottom of my heart, I am looking forward to meeting each of you!"   Love, Setsu


I'd like to thank you all who use this opportunity to have my session with good positive energy! I feel that. 🙏💗 As you read in our today's notice  the system has been changed from first come - first served to random drawing, since so many people tried to get to be the the first and became soooooooo competitive more and more each time! Even this time after our notice for 9/15, instantly so many people sent us their requests (Thank you!!!). If it were still first come- first served system as before, 9/15 had been already booked all so quickly.

This time, however, the due for request is 9/10(Mon). You or your friends have more time. I'd appreciate it very much if you could spread this event to whoever you think need my session.

Thank you so much and I love you all💞 Setsu






さて、今日は私たちONENESS IN LOVE INC.のスペシャルセッション、「ワンネスプライスデー」に関してお話をさせてください。





ONENESS IN LOVE INC.の創設者であり、数々の前世でもそして今世でもサイキックとして生まれ、現在NY屈指のサイキック、スピリチュアルアドバイザーとして活躍する Setsu(節)の「少しでも多くの、そして様々な条件下にいらっしゃる方々のお役に立ちたい」という強い思いをもってうまれたのが「ワンネスプライス・デー」です。

初めての方も、何度もセッションを受けてくださっている方々もぜひ、ご利用ください。お役に立たせていただく機会に心から感謝し、お会いできることを楽しみにしております!」 愛をこめて、節





みなさまに愛と感謝をこめて💞 節